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Free Directory Submission Sites List

Is your website new? Don’t know how to Rank a website in search engine? Don’t have the money to hire a SEO expert? Don’t have time to make SEO friendly site? Don’t worry is help to improve web ranking on search engine.

Drive traffic to your website is not really an easy process but we can help you for that. We offer best High PR web directory submission sites list 2020 and free add website URL Submission to best free search engine Submission. without any type of paid service it’s totally free for life time. No Money ! No Registration! No Monthly Renew !.

✅ Increase website traffic
✅ Relevant targeted advertising
✅ Effective Keyword Targeting
✅ Get higher search engine rankings
✅ Higher Link Popularity
✅ Get Better Rankings
✅ Social Media Sharing
✅ More Customers
✅ Fast indexing

What is free directory submission?

Directory submission is a part of SEO. You can boost your website or blog to appear on search engine. When you submit or Free add URL in directory it is generate back links to your website. It's improve website ranking on major free search engine Submission like Google, Yahoo, or Bing without registration.

If you have see a phone directory, It consists of telephone numbers with names and addresses. Exactly the same way web directory contain website title, URL and description. They are all in different categories like sports, education, games etc.

On internet daily millions of new website are hosted or add site. So how will the search engine know that your website or blog is hosted! The reason for this is that your website is new, because of this the search engine cannot find your website. If you want the search engine to crawl your website automatically, then it takes a lot of time. If you want to get your website in search engine quickly, then you have to take help of web directory Submission sites list. You can manually add the URL of your website or add site to directory website. When Google Spider and crawler fetch your website's URL Submission on directory website, then they will reach your site through that URL Submission. After that Google will put your site in Google search index. It is index all your website pages and display on search result. now when user search on internet, that time if you have a related content on your website, When visitors search in Google, then if your site has its related information, then the search engines will show your site in Google search result.

When we talk about SEO friendly directory 2020, we get lots of tips on the Internet to improve your website or blog ranking. Submit Free web directory submission is also one of the best and easiest way to “improve search engine optimization”. Because you don't have to pay for it. This type of site has categories in all website listing formats. Because the user can easily search for the particular website which is listed in a directory.

Why directory submission important in SEO?( Benefits of Directory submission sites list )

  • Get quality and dofollow backlinks links from our directory website submission sites list.
  • Increase traffic of your site.
  • Your site will show at the top of search engine results. like Google , yahoo, bing
  • Improves Alexa ranking of your site 10m to 1k.
  • You will get inbound links from our web directories.
  • Your site domain authority will get increased for high pr
  • Increase the popularity of your site on internet.

When you submit your website URL submit in do follow web directories, you can get quality backlinks on your site. You not only get quality backlinks, with this you also have dofollow backlinks. Do follow backlinks are very important to improve website ranking. Therefore you have to submit your site or blog to a directory submission sites list offering submit free directory. So that you can create quality backlinks for your web URL.

This will help improve your site PR means page rank of your site. Your site page will be shown at the top ten of Google search results.

This “improves site Alexa ranking”. Alexa ranking is the best way to see your site analytics. You can see the traffic of your website. Where they come from and which keywords are ranking on search engines. When you submit your site it will show inbound links on your website or blog. And it also shows how many backlinks are dolfollow. Add site in search engine submission sites to improve result in web search.

You get an inbound link to your site. If you publish any quality content that will be easily indexed by search engines then domain authority will increase. This can increase the popularity of your site. For specific keywords of your blog. This is increasing traffic to your site.

When you submit your website in a special category on a topic related to your site. The search engine will improve the ranking of those keywords. We only follow freebies so that your blog will get quality visitors easily.

So if you want to get high quality backlinks on your website or blog, you can choose the appropriate category or subcategory with website title, Submit URL and description. Visitors should not have trouble in searching the free directories website.

Types of Web Directory Submission

Free directory submission

Many websites are available on the Internet to offer free directories submission site list (free add url submission) but they are taking a long time for approval. There is no guarantee of obtaining approval. but it's free service if you have no budget to hire any seo expert this is best service for your site or blog to increase visibility on search engine. free directories submission site list is bunch of website will increase site visitor.

  • This service is done free of cost. You do not have to make any kind of payment.
  • There is no need to provide any backlinks or Reciprocal links to directory website.
  • There is no need to hire any persone for do this work you can submit your self.

Reciprocal Regular Web Directory Listing

In this type of directory site you have to create a link to a directory website list on your website. This means that you need to create one or more backlinks to directory site. when you create a link in your website page. they will check manually, If they are found to have reciprocal links for them, they will be approved your website url. But it also takes more time for approval because all the work is done manually. But Google and other search engines are mostly not like reciprocal web linking.

Paid directory submission site

Some directory websites list are not allowed to submit for free. They provide high quality backlinks. But you have to pay for it, they charge to Submit url to directory. But google and other large search engines are not like paid directory web submissions. But not all paid directory sites are bad, they are trying to provide only quality content to the visitor so that they are charged for it.

Automatic Directory Submission site

This type of website uses software and tools to create backlinks to your website, all you need to do is submit your website title, site URL, and description, while it automatically presents your website to multiple directory websites list. But beware from this type of website because you will get penalized by search engines and your site goes to spammy website.

Manual Directory Submission site

The basic of directory submission list goes to any directory website and adds its website URL to directory website. This is a manual directory web URL submission. Lots of websites on the internet that are ready to place your website on multiple directory sites. People do this kind of job, People do this kind of job. But you have to pay to get this kind of work done. This is a very expensive service that offers your website submit with special keywords and they also create backlinks from yellow pages and forms. SEO making person add site to various website. It can use for keyword optimization on search. It is possible to be indexed quickly on search engines because manually submitted links are good rather than automated submitted websites. This is done by humans and not a software. This will bring a large number of visitors and traffic to your website. They are Submit url Submission to particular directory niches so that it can generate some targeted audience on your site.

Does Directory submission site stand for SEO?

Yes, it does, presenting online web directories is a part of basic SEO. This type of website gives your site high PR backlinks, and backlinks are always good for getting good traffic from it. Because when visitors and search engines come to directory website, it will redirect traffic to your site. Link building strategy is the easiest way to drive traffic. But not all directory submission sites list require you to manually create backlinks.

Do not use paid service as this type of service can make your site spammy. Many websites that are offering you to submit a web URL manually. Backlinks play a major role in determining your ranking position in search engines. Getting quality backlinks from directory submission site can create more visitors to your website or blog. Just you need the best directory submission site and choose your niches categories. Link your website's url name, web URL, description and meta keywords to directory site. not all site offer add meta description only several website which is offer only submit meta description and meta keyword to free directories submission site list.

If you are making this type of submission then it will increase your visitors or traffic from search engines. It will also increase domain authority and increase page rank in Google and other search engines.

Do we Recommend Directory submission?

Yes, directory submission still effective. lots of people are doing this regularly and get more visitors from internet. but not only backlinks are effective you need more quality content, it's all depends on the content " on page SEO" every time good and big length of content can impress the search engine and readers. directory submission service can helps to improve your website position in search engine. because when you submit or Free add url in high level directory your web url get a great volume of visitor from that backlinks because Google gives a high priority to the URL.

When you associate your website with forms, comments on blogs, directories, and related websites are still great for SEO. Visitors come to your website using these backlinks, they will come back once again if you provide them with good information about a topic (good quality of content). Because Google has analytics that always look at your website traffic, and traffic bounce rate. bounce rate it is also determine for site optimization. when people are come to your site and if they are not getting any use full information. then they are exit from your site

The site owner needs to follow this strategy to submit more and more directories to their niche website to increase visibility on search engines and increase their ranking on Google. Web directory is effective till date, it is one of the effective stage and we can say OFF page SEO. But you do not blindly trust all directory websites list. Many web directory websites list make your web spammy. Get real backlinks from the website or get inbound links from niches. It's not really easy. There are lots of web directories on the internet that have nofollow links. We should ignore those sites because these types of backlinks are not improving your SEO.

Is Directory Submission Still Effective For SEO ?

Yes, Free submit url is effective on SEO. when you purchase new hosting space and domain name on internet. your website new for visitor and search engine. on internet millions of new website daily hosted so there is low chance to get crawled faster.

Directory submission is a process to submit your site in sub- category of directory. when you submit or Free add url to high pr directory site. your website get crawled faster. search engine always like high pr and dofollow inbound backlinks. so there a more chance to optimize your site on search engine. when new visitor are come on directory site they will find your site link on sub-directory of directory site. they are click on this link and come at your site. but you need to make on page SEO friendly or best quality content because when user come at your site if they will find related and informative content on your site they will come once again. so be carefully submit your site on related sub-categories of directory site because Google and other search engine watch your visitor bounce rate. if visitor not find any related information which you have posted on your blog they will close site and never come once again. it will increase more bounce rate and Google and other search engine this type of bounce rate are not like so please add url in niches or sub-category.

Directory submission is effective process, because it's increase your visibility on search engine and give more visitor from there site.

Directory submission in SEO gives lot's of advantages to your website. Fast indexing, higher link popularity, high page value and ranking, social media sharing. fast indexing is a one of the main reason to submit your website to directory it index faster on SERP. when you submit your website in unique directory it gives your web page more clickable. it have a social sharing option which user can use to share your website link to media and social network for more visitor. on internet list of directory submission available which are offer free and paid directory submission. you can still get advantage from directory submission to rank higher on search engine. because free directory website Free Add URL submission is a part of basic SEO. and you not need to pay any money to rank higher it's free directory listings service.

Why do I need to add URL to Google search engine?

You do not have to pay any money to any SEO provider to submit your site to the search engine. This facility is free service from our side. If you are getting this free add URL to google service, then you should take advantage of this free search engine submission. There are millions of websites every day hosted on internet. Because of this, like Google and other search engine take more time to crawl it. If all this happens within a few minutes, that too for free. then why should you not take advantage of add URL free submission. Without add URL to Google search engine is best way to improve ranking on search engine.

Why Should I Add URL to Directories?

When you make free add URL submission, you get a new backlink for your site. Backlinks quickly increase the chances of your website appearing in search engines. The more you create backlinks for your site, the more chances of your site appearing in search engines. The more backlinks there are, the more chances are that your website will come to the first page in search results. And the search engine indexes quickly. We do this for free. We will never ask you for money.

Free URL Submission!

Free submission is for those who do not have money for SEO. They do not have to hire any search engine optimizer Pearson. This facility is a boon for him. Many search engines will take 7-8 weeks to get your website indexed. You do not have to look for the path. free directory listings will make your work easier. Not all free web directories provide spam backlinks. There are some directories that provide you with good quality backlinks for free.

How to do Free Directory Submission for SEO?

We will tell you below how to increase backlinks through directory submission.

Step 1: Things have to be prepared first before making a directory submission, which will make it easier to submit web URLs. First write the information about your site in Word or Notepad.

website URL Submission, site meta tags title, description, and keyword and your basic contact information like email and all.

Step 2: Choose any high PR directory for getting do follow backlinks. If it is necessary to login for submission, then you first create an account of free directory site.

Step 3: Select the related category and sub category for your site.

Step 4: Fill everything requested in directory submission such as site URL title, description.

Step 4: Done!

Directory submission is easy if you have the time. To do this work, the SEO specialist takes money. If you have time to do this work. And you want your site to rank as much as possible, so why not do it yourself.

Target Country Based SEO Directory submission Service.

We submit each site globally. Even if you want to submit your website to a directory in a certain country USA, UK, China, Germany, India, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia etc. submit website to directories even locally for business purpose for getting more customer.

Free add URL submission to the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing

All these search engines are major, Submitting your website to this search engine is free. You can add url to Google to index your newly hosted website. Google has some tools that you can take help of. Such as Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools. You can learn about visitors coming to your site with the help of this. Whether they have come from any backlinks or from organic traffic, you can find out everything from this Google Analytics. You can also know which of your keywords rank in Google.

If all the pages of your website are not indexed in Google you can, submit your website's XML file (sitemap.xml) in Google Webmaster Tools. After a few days, Google will index the entire page of your website with the help of sitemap. This service is absolutely free from Google, so why not enjoy this free service. With the help of these tools of Google, you can keep an eye on every activity of your website. That how to get your website ranked in Google as much as possible. add URL to google is one of best service from google search engine.

Like Google, in Yahoo and Bing you can also submit your website entire XML sitemap. After a few days they will index all your website pages in their database. After that your website page will show in big search engines like Google Yahoo.

Benefits of Web Directory Submission

there are many benefits for do directory submission. If it does not have any benefits, then search engine optimizer experts do not recommend it. The number of referring domains on your site will increase due to directory submission list. And you all know that Google counts these referring domains as a vote of confidence. But you have to keep in mind that the traffic coming to your website should come from a good quality website.

This thing has a lot of value because it increases the domain authority of your website. you should only build directory links on high authority web directories. it will help you to get good SERP rankings. You all know that the more SERP will be, The more backlinks, the more visitors will come to your site.

SEO Benefits:

Get backlinks: backlinks is a part of SEO, it is off-page SEO technique . You can get good traffic from it. All bloggers know that search engines like Google love high quality and dofollow backlinks.

Search Engine Submission Sites List

Submit website to search engines is one of the best way to get unlimited organic traffic from google and other search engine submission sites list. Everyone wants their website to rank among all search engines result page like Google. You can also get more traffic from search engines on your website. With submit site to search engines. Everyone knows that organic traffic can be gained only through search engine. Without organic traffic, your website cannot rank much. Submit url to google is basic way to making your site visible to google.

You all know that Google is the most popular search engine, but you know that there is a list of other search engines in which you can get more visitors by submitting your website. There are many other search engine submission sites list on the internet, where you can free website submission and get good amount of organic traffic from it.

Google works on the crawling and indexing terms. When a visitor searches in Google, it's shows the web pages which is already stored in its database. It is google crawled web pages with high quality content. Google and other search engine loved high quality content (content is a king in SEO).


When you submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools. Google sends google crawler to your website. Google crawler crawls all your valid page. It reads all the content written in your page. After that it sends all the pages to Google index.


Google provide free website submission to google for publishing website content on search engine. When google crawler send website content information to google after that google index all pages for related search on search engine. When visitor search on google, if your website have related and high quality content then your website page result show on 1st page of search engine. you can get organic traffic from search. Search engine submission sites list is totally free service where you can get free website submission and get huge organic traffic from google.


Director submission is an off page " SEO Friendly " technique. because if you want to more visitor then you have to do some basic web SEO. There are many websites on the Internet that will help your site to become popular on search engine. They will tell you many ways how to increase your site's rank in search engines. Some websites charge for it. And some offer basic SEO friendly tips for free and improve your site ranking on search engine.

Directory submission is a process in which you get high quality backlinks for your website. You just have to enter some information about your website. Such as site URL, site name and description. You can do this work yourself. If you do not have time to do this work, then many people do it by taking money. Many websites also offer directory submission, But they take money for this work. If you have money, then you can get many high quality backlinks using this paid service.

free directory is a process to get high quality backlinks to improve ranking on search engine. you can also get organic traffic by submit url to search engines like google and others.

Free Directory Submission Sites List